Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The September 10

Why yes, he is perfect.

Otherwise known as L's Unofficial Blog Hop, here are the September 10 Questions. Because questionnaires are fun and so is this blogging community and yolo and stuff.

Is there something you don't like about your riding?
Is this a trick question? There are a million things I don't like about my riding. But to start, I hate my right leg. I swear the damn thing has a mind of its own. I hate that my equitation isn't always perfect. I hate that I don't make good decisions 100% of the time. I wish I could just ride better period.

Does your horse buck?
On occasion, sure. He's not much for it under saddle, other than crowhopping and broncing a little. He'll occasionally throw in a big one when he's playing.

Is your horse head shy?
No, not really. Of course if you do quick movements near his head he'll be pretty unimpressed, but he doesn't mind you hanging all over him (ears included) if you're nice about it.

Favorite barn chore to do?
On a daily basis, probably the grooming process, at least when I have time to go about it properly. On "special occasions" I like doing the pony makeover - clipping, bathing, banging of tail and pulling/trimming of mane and polishing them right up. So gratifying!

How many times do you ride a week?
It depends on the week, but I'm generally at the barn five or six days; lately it's six. When I'm there I ride between one and four horses, but almost always at least two.

Who is your favorite pro rider?
I have several pro riders I really like and admire and honestly cannot narrow it down to just one. In no particular order, they are Eric Lamaze, Yann Candele, Tiffany Foster, Beezie Madden, Kent Farrington, McLain Ward, Marcus Ehning, and Ludger Beerbaum.

If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be?
I'm already unbelievably fortunate to have one of my favorite pro riders training me on a daily basis, and I would not exactly be quick to trade that. But if we're talking a clinic situation I would be really happy to get training from anyone on the above list - however, Eric Lamaze is probably at the very top.

Favorite Facial Marking?
I love a thinnish blaze (stripe?) or some combination of star/stripe/snip. I love chrome on a horse. Riley's facial marking is pretty much perfect if you ask me!

Leg Markings or No Leg Markings?
Well, I love chrome. So leg markings it is. My perfect horse has either two hind stockings or all four white stockings. Total pain to keep clean, though!

Ever broken anything falling off?
Sure, it's always only a matter of time if you ride remotely seriously! I've broken my arm, hand, fingers, torn my MCL, and broken several helmets (I swear I always hit headfirst!)


  1. "Because questionnaires are fun and so is this blogging community and yolo and stuff." LOLZ :)

    You and I feel the same way about chrome: the more, the merrier!

  2. aww Riley really does have the best stripe :)

  3. Ahhh his tongue is so cute!