Thursday, 1 May 2014

Meet The Ponies

No equestrian is complete without the true stars of the show - the horses.  I've been unbelievably lucky to have some incredible horses come into my life, but these are the ones who are currently playing starring roles.

Otherwise known as: Perfect Pony, The Very Best Pony In The Whole World, Pony On Stilts, Rilesburger

Riley is a 2004 imported KWPN (Royal Dutch Warmblood) gelding by Lancelot (Voltaire), out of a mare by Ircolando x Inferno x Lucky Boy.  (That's for all you breeding junkies out there.  I figure I'm interested, so someone else must be, right?)

As you can see, he is also possibly the cutest horse that ever walked on this earth.

Riley was imported in 2008 to the West Coast of Canada, where he enjoyed a year doing the Baby Green hunters and the Young Horse series when he proved a mite too exuberant for the hunter ring.  He was purchased in his five year old year by a rider at my barn, and spent some time doing some low schooling jumpers with his trainer, and then 2'6 and 2'9" hunters with his owner.  I began to lease him in late 2010, and in 2011, we did some 2'9" hunters, 80 and 90cm jumpers, and then the 1.0m Jr/Am division.  In 2012, he was off for the year due to injury, and in 2013 was leased to another rider who did the 2'9" Hunters with him.  By some strange twist of fate, he came back to me in early 2014, and we've been getting back in our groove ever since.  I currently compete with him in the Jumpers, doing everything from 90cm to 1.10m when the mood strikes.

He's what we call an unorthodox horse - his way of moving and jumping is a little different, but he has scope to burn, it's just a question of whether or not you can sit to it!  He has a sweet, mischievous, and sensitive personality, and hates to hack.  His favorite treat is a banana, eaten whole and not peeled, and he will happily eat an entire bunch of them with a rapt expression on his face.  His favorite place in the entire world is a horse show, and he takes his job as my horse very seriously.  He is truly my "heart horse" and I feel lucky every single day that I have him.

Otherwise known as: Tiggles, Mr. Tigglesworth, Handsome Boy, Twigger

Tigger is a 2005 Dutch Warmblood by Indoctro out of a Darco mare.

Tigger had a late start in life, having been orphaned as a foal and then having a little bit of a slow start under saddle.  He was put with excellent professionals by his owner and breeder, and I bought him in late 2012 as a seven year old.  At that point, he had competed up to 1.15m and was fast, careful, and fancy. I bought him with the intention of moving up in the jumpers and doing some Hunter Derbies.  He has an absolutely stunning jump, though this picture doesn't display it very well.

As it turned out, Tigger didn't love the jumper life, and he's been redirected to an excellent dressage professional who is shaping him into a wonderful, competitive, and fancy dressage horse.  He is currently solid Third Level and schooling Fourth Level, and it is thought he has Grand Prix potential.  He is also currently for sale, since my interests lie elsewhere, but he is super fun, fancy, and beautiful.  And in the meantime, I'm having a great time learning about dressage!

Personality-wise, Tigger is extremely sweet, very sensitive, likes nothing more than to cuddle with his human, and loves to be curried more than any horse I've ever met.  He is indifferent to the type of treat as long as he is being fed them, and he absolutely loves hacking and playing with his buddies in the field.  He enjoys being groomed more than anything in the world and needs to know he is being treated thoughfully by the people who take care of him.  He is a horse who has taught me a lot about being able to ride a sensitive, hotter type who cannot take being pushed around.


  1. Such gorgeous and lovely lined boys *swoon*
    Riley reminds me so much of my older mare Kika - she also eats bananas with the skin...such funny creatures ;)

  2. What beautiful boys they are. :-)